Health maintenance-clean the car interior tips

being a good owner, loves to drive, but also know how to service and maintenance. If the body surface cleaning is for others to read, and then the car interior cleaning is for the sake of their own health. Because of the car's Interior has a lot of different materials, textures and surfaces, space was small, but it's dead easy, making need more cleaning and maintenance parts. Owner if you do it yourself when cleaning, attention should be selected according to different parts of different cleaners and tools. This article will introduce some simple method for cleaning car interiors.  

preparation tool:  

all types of cleaning agent and damp cloth, toothbrush, etc.  


1.4S shop interior cleaning fee at 250 ~400 Yuan, car beauty shop cleaning (Interior) price at 150 Yuan RMB ~250, disinfection and deodorization in the car charged separately. Due to the complex vehicle interior environment materials, suggest the owner regularly every year 4S shop or car beauty shops to do a professional upholstery cleaning.  

2. cleaning agents are sold automotive spare parts market, if you don't understand you can consult business or understand from the 4S shop teacher.  

the first step: dust and pick up supplies in the car: wash the first step you should first remove the dust inside, sweeping away the dirt, then vacuum the carpets and chairs, to dust in the gap.  

step two: clean control room: the instrument panel and steering wheel, plastic and leather products, easy to glue the dust, but cleaning is also more convenient. Is important to note that, due to instrument panel long exposed to the Sun, aged and brittle, so it is best to choose a good quality table Board wax spray and wipe clean with a clean cloth, so that you can take care of the instrument panel.  

step three: clean air conditioning ducts. Remove air conditioning air outlet, it tube insert air conditioner duct of the air conditioner cleaner, spray some air conditioning cleansing agent. And then close the air outlet, turn on the air conditioning cycle, start the engine, idle for about 10 minutes. While cleaning the air conditioning filter.  

fourth step: cleaning of seat:  

1. the fabric seat: clean lint or other fabric chairs must be careful. High bubble cleaning fluid into the dirt, slightly for a moment until the bubbles completely dry again and carefully wipe with a clean dry towel until removing stains.  

2. leather seating: usually you can use strong alkaline cleaning agents when cleaning, such as soapy water, wash and wipe dry with a tissue. However, due to frequent wash leather chairs, leather and leather easy to crack, and affects the service life, it is recommended that owners can purchase a cleaning product, such as dermal cream, leather care cleaner cleaning care.  

fifth step: car roof clean: car canopy generally do not contaminate other dirt, only need to use efficient foam cleaning liquid to clean car roof. If there are difficult to clean the dirt, you can use the Brush tool to clean.  

the sixth step: wiping Windows, doors, take care of the foot pads, foot, etc. Simply use the appropriate cleaning agent to clean, process is very simple.  

seventh step: spray air fresheners. This last procedure will vary, if you don't like the smell of air freshener car owners don't have to. However, all vehicle owners that, air fresheners are not capable of removing bacteria from disinfection efficacy.