Holiday should not be high speed

at highway speeds, the pilot decreased Visual acuity, eye resolution down, poor judgment. With the increase of speed, from fan-shaped view into tunnel vision.  

     at high speeds, extend the stopping distance of the vehicle.  

     at high speeds, huge momentum and inertia has increased the severity of the accident.  

     at high speeds, cars turned to the centrifugal force increases, turns very prone to tipping.  

     at high speeds, as the driver of obstacles on the road to avoid reduced, easy on the tires and the vehicles chassis damage, hurt even more terrifying is causing tire, resulting in future episodes.  

     at high speeds, it is also easy to cause interference to other vehicles on normal, increase the risk of other drivers.  

     when driving on uneven pavement at high speed, will be instantaneous loss of controllability, thus reducing the driving stability.  

     rainy season, driving vision is not clear, fast-moving water slide-prone.  

     by the above reasoning, high speed more harm than good, suggest friends as soon as possible to prevent any kind of immature driving habits.