Car accident do?

lessee in the vehicle after the accident do not panic, we must first notify the leasing company, the leasing company will send someone to help, according to accident levels respectively, call the insurance company, call, would successfully extricate themselves from the predicament.  

     car rental insurance liability  

     in General, the rental company has car insurance vehicle insurance, third party insurance, theft and rescue and other major types. While leasing company will be specified in the rental agreement as soon as the car accident to bear the responsibility of the lessee.  

    1, in accordance with the provisions of the insurance companies, car accident, the insurance company applies a quota compensation, the lessee shall bear the costs of all the insurance money.  

    2, in the case of the lessee, unauthorised absence from the scene of the accident, caused to the supervision Department for the record and to claim against the insurance company, all of its costs are borne by the lessee.  

    3, rental company covering third party liability risks are limited to Center allowed by the driver.  

    4, the entire vehicle is lost, the tenant must pay for insurance deductibles and stolen cars back to before the insurance company paid for the cost of the rent of leased vehicles during.  

    5, and claims, the lessee shall submit to the insurance company insurance, accident evidence, losses, accidents, reconciliations and book lists and related fee documents. Fill in the motor vehicle accident report form.  

    6, tenant commitments and assume the insurance company insured in terms of motor vehicle insurance  .  

     special situations, lessees and rental company for processing.