Kunming to be restricted "yellow tagged car" will be banned two years after city link

administrative measures for the restriction of Kunming high-polluting vehicles (draft for soliciting opinions) held a hearing will be held on December 29. On July 1 next year, intends to take on highly polluting vehicles on the road, Kunming city stages, subregional, step by step-reduction measures.  

mobile vehicle exhaust pollution in the downtown 55%

     to effectively prevent and reduce motor vehicle emissions, environmental protection departments have done a lot of work, such as emissions testing, etc.

     on highly polluting vehicle restrictions, is by limiting polluting vehicles within a certain area, to control vehicle exhaust pollution an important means of influencing the quality of urban air.

     vehicle pollution supervision and Management Center of Kunming city, statistical data show that in 2007, Kunming city when the vehicle capacity of 800,000 vehicles, motor vehicle a total of 280,000 tons of emissions into the air of carbon monoxide, 36,000 tons of hydrocarbons, 28,000 tons of nitrogen oxide, particles 2000 tons. According to this data, vehicle exhaust pollutant than larger.

     as of December 1, 2011, the vehicle population has reached 1.5 million unit in Kunming city, every car driving in the main urban area, as well as high as about 700,000 vehicles, a large number of emissions affect air quality seriously, motor vehicle exhaust pollution in the air of the city has accounted 40%, main urban area accounts for 55% and motor vehicle emission has become the major sources of air pollution in the downtown, air quality has been significantly affected.

nearly 70,000 vehicles in the "yellow tagged car" limited

     by country of the vehicle inspection certificate of environmental protection regulations, is divided into green check marks and yellow green check marks. After periodic environmental inspection of motor vehicles, equipped with spark ignition engine car (petrol) reached more than I and standard, equipped with a compression-ignition engine vehicles (diesel) reached country ⅲ standard and above, issued by the "green label"  . Does not meet these standards, issued by the "yellow tagged"  .

    2010 on February 1, the Kunming city official, with simple motor vehicle by periodic environmental testing and motor vehicle inspection certificate of environmental protection management. As of November 30, 2011, the city's testing vehicle 458,000 vehicles, qualified in early 76%, maintenance management review the qualifying rate is 83.02%; distributing motor vehicle environmental conformity mark 417,000 (including new cars, not to participate in the new vehicle testing direct payment symbol, the "yellow tagged" 109,000, "green standard" 308,000). After calculation, plus the removal of seized vehicles, the "yellow tagged car" nearly 140,000 vehicles such as "yellow tagged car", have a high pollution emissions in vehicles on the road, excluding goods vehicles have limited access to two rings in the "yellow tagged car"  , nearly 70,000 the "yellow tagged car"   limited by the reduction measures.

     according to the procedure of testing, 1 "yellow tagged car"   emissions of the equivalent of 14 Executive III standard car emissions and 28 State standards enforcement car emissions.

     Department of environmental protection officials said that through the introduction of high-polluting cars-limit line, control of high-emission vehicles pollution, prompting the "yellow tagged car"   scrap and obsolete update, Kunming city, to reduce motor vehicle emissions and improve urban air quality will have a positive effect, and it is very necessary.

     in accordance with the relevant provisions, motor vehicle inspection of environmental protection marks to be affixed to the right side of the front windshield does not affect the apparent position of the driver's line of sight.

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