New cabs in Kunming has been unable to alleviate "taxi"

contract fee for new car Expo taxi company deal for 4800 Yuan per month. The price, as a contracting party drivers see how?  


new cars: or two out   contract costs plus about 7000

just got new cars, Zhang said, as long as the work does not, and this cost is affordable. Reporters interviewed cab of car master, contractual costs, some drivers think there is pressure, but there is no way some drivers said, two new car out.

during the interview, taxi driver Mr Liu revealed that the contract cost not 4800, outside the contract will have to sign a supplementary agreement. Contractual costs for 5800 Yuan, if counting costs such as vehicle insurance, in fact, a new car contract costs of around 7000 Yuan a month or so. "The vehicle contracting external subcontracting, subcontracting costs to look each other in the Rafah operation time. Contracted days cost more than 4,000 yuan, after 5 o'clock in the afternoon is about 3500, nights is 2000 Yuan. ”

old cars: stress, or adjust the shift time

"hundreds of new cars increase, no stress is false. "Zhang has over 6 years experience in driving a taxi said, new taxi to alleviate a taxi difficult questions has a role, but due to traffic congestion, taxis can run they could make more money, take a taxi difficult problems still cannot be solved. "For existing taxi, only adjust the shift time, competing with new car customers. ”

but there are some old taxi driver said, "he (the new car), my my, no matter what. "" My contract fee 5500 Yuan per month, is also hoping to. ”

corporate response

"losses may   the development of new projects"

Expo taxi companies said they each new contract fees have been set at 4800 Yuan a month, can be said to be operating at a loss. At 8 the right prices, share, equivalent to a month per vehicle of about 4358; plus Polaris 100,000 yuan, smooth prices spread over 90,000 yuan each month, over Kunming market contract fee of 4800 Yuan per month.

so, do not rise, the company, the sale at a loss why companies are willing to do about it? Or is the wind, such as a price? The company's response, take into account the current start price and kilometers, is indeed lost. "However, the company's right to operate these vehicles over 8 years, and the company has 800 taxis, as large-scale operations can develop some new projects in the future. From an overall and long-term calculated may not be a loss. ”

"the establishment of a revenue protection mechanism"

day and night on the road, hungry side and buy a box lunch get dealt next, thirsty dare to drink a SIP, facing only high contracting fees, many drivers are helpless, "there, and then run, Dora. ”

this reporter learned that, current taxi service taxi associations and Kunming, Kunming city, is planned for Kunming taxi drivers to establish a revenue protection mechanisms to ensure that drivers can receive appropriate income, can also guarantee the quality of their services. Before the end of this year is expected to study the establishment of a Kunming taxi driver income security mechanisms.

new car configuration

yesterday at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, this reporter went to Yunnan Faw trade cars Sales Services Limited, several staff members were the vehicles is regulated. In the hallway, both sides filled with taxis dedicated green Bora car was waiting for registration. Staff, consider using higher frequencies to get a taxi, so a vehicle engine specifically for debugging. 3:20 P.M., 50 new Polaris cabs have been realized.

reporters saw compared with ordinary household Bora car, Bora taxi more port at the console to install the meter and taxi outside light. Compared with the old taxi, valuation fee shown below moved from the console to the console; vehicle invoice invoice from shredded into a machine; vehicles primary drive partition with the co-pilot from the aluminum into a transparent plastic sheet, interior comfort and luxury.

in addition, the reporters found that the new taxi no cigarette lighter and ashtray. 4S shop staff said, this is to prevent drivers smoke in the car.

warm tips

currently taxi shift in Kunming period