Automotive engine market downturn

according to the China Automotive Industry Association's latest statistics on the production and sale of the China automotive industry newsletter, in 2011, the enterprises included in the statistics of 56 vehicle engine, producing engines 16.7191 million, sold engine 16.9714 million units, compared with the 2010 1.21% and 0.26%, respectively. The growth rate was below the overall auto production and sales volume growth of 2.05 and 2.71%.

viewed from another set of data, count 2011 in kW for vehicle engine production and sales growth rate was-3.64% and-3.39%, respectively the data growth lower than statistics broken down by number of 2.43% and 3.13%. Although in the passenger-side showing SUV, MPV-selling passenger vehicles in cross-selling situation, but after balancing commercial vehicle market may be considered, the truck market, particularly in the heavy-duty truck market slump, is the number of drives in kW (engine power) the statistical reason of low market growth. If there is no balance in the passenger car market, the contrast will be even greater.

diesel engines are "heavy" bad "light," Wang pattern divided by fuel type, completed throughout 2011 diesel engine 3.5896 million units and 3.7529 million units of production and sales volume, compared with 9.11% and 5.89%, respectively, compared with the growth rate in the same period last year slumped by 34.14 and 36.25%, respectively. From diesel engine enterprise of overall performance see, 2011 statistics zainei of 23 home diesel engine enterprise in the, cumulative production volume over 200,000 Taiwan of enterprise has 6 home (than Shang a annual less 1 home), cumulative production over 100,000 Taiwan of enterprise has 13 home (than Shang a annual more 2 home), cumulative production over 50,000 Taiwan of enterprise has 15 home (than Shang a annual more 1 home). From the cumulative output of the ordering of Guangxi Yuchai, Faw group and Anhui quanchai, Weichai holding, Dongfeng motor shares, Kunming and jiangling holding among the top 7, the production of light-duty diesel engines mainly Anhui quanchai, Kunming and jiangling holding the position has improved, while production of heavy-duty diesel engine Weichai dropped 1.

obvious changes are outside the top 7, it has been ranked in the top 7 of China National heavy duty truck 2011 fell to 12th; and the top 7 of beiqi Foton, Weichai Power Yang Chai, great wall motor and Qingling, the production of light-duty diesel engines mainly businesses are doing well. In Qian 7 bit Enterprise in the, sort Qian 5 bit manufacturers of production concentrated degrees for 56.02%, than Shang a annual declined 3.43%; sort Qian 7 name manufacturers of production concentrated degrees for 67.46%, than Shang a annual declined 3.59%; if again selected Dongfeng towards wood and Shandong China source Rai moving two home Enterprise do statistics, is sort Qian 9 bit Enterprise of production concentrated degrees can up 77.16%, than Shang a annual declined 3.71%.

diesel engine manufacturers do not increase but reduce the total number of cases, in three out of the last up to two years of continuous decline in production is concentrated, have fully displayed the (type of) bad light (type) Mong Kok market structure changes. In enterprises and specific performance of diesel engine, Guangxi Yuchai in falling again on the basis of the previous year, but still the total output of 612,000 units at the top. Production of large enterprises (annual production of more than 50,000), Foton (annual growth rate 79.55%), Qingling (36.44%), the great wall (23.99%), and Weichai Power Yang Chai (13.21%) fared better; sinotruk (-43.11%), Faw (-24.54%), Dongfeng DCD (-21.06%) appeared larger negative growth.