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trunk is a "dump" can be used to vacuum the dirt, and then use the carpet cleaner cleaning pad on the bottom, waiting for them to dry, and then to put something back into the trunk. Meanwhile, wash the deck lid. Many people only pay attention to the appearance of the car, and for internal health is ignored. Although the car will not be affected by rain, but is closely related to car maintenance riding comfort and health of the human body, so the car was every bit as important are maintained externally. Many car wash, body wash very clean, but some of the dead also need our own hands clean. Your DIY makes your car a new look from the inside out.


car is the most easy to stain carpet, the carpet of the car itself is and auto one, not easy to remove clean, preferably by placing activities within the car floor mats. If the pad is not too dirty, got hit out of his car. If you use a vacuum cleaner with brush head for vacuum processing, can make a dirty carpet look less messy. For particularly dirty carpet can only use detergents, washing before the two dust and spray the right amount of detergent, scrub clean with a brush, and finally with a clean cloth to wipe excess detergent can.  


seat stick mess when recommended hair brush and a strong suction vacuum cleaner suction suction out the dirt. For different seats, using this method has very good cleaning results.  

dirt on the seat clean. Firstly, hair brush to clean dirty parts, such as large number of dirt and garbage. Then use a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of a mild washing solution, in the case of semi-dry wet, full clean seating surfaces. Special attention to is rags must be wrung out, in case the water soaked seats.  

blood cleanup. If stained with blood on the seats and carpet, do not use SOAP or hot water to clear, because blood comes to SOAP or hot water will set in, wipe with a damp cloth, and drip a few drops of ammonia in the blood, after waiting a few minutes, then wipe clean rag dampened with cold water.  

stain removal. Eating in the car when sauces such as tomato sauce, such as accidentally contaminated a seat or carpet, or accidentally printed on the seat a lipstick stain, moisten the cloth to wipe, or lightly wipe with a sponge, foam cleanser. Do not use SOAP or hot water to clean the coffee, coke, ice cream, drinks leave a stain, because traces of SOAP and hot water will be fixed on the seat surface, only the first leaching water wipe with a rag, then use foam cleanser.  

urine stain removal. If the child urinated on the cover or on the carpet, use hot soapy water-soaked rag, then 1:1 of ammonia and water solution of soaked cloth covered in wet places, take rag in a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Vomit is a hate thing, but as soon as possible. After this happens, first sucking vomit water with a paper towel, and then clear the solids, then with warm soapy cloth to wipe over the flooding, the final solution will wipe clean cloth soaked with water and soda.  

  the steering wheel;

steering wheels always use the hand, it is easy to get dirty, sticky hands will affect the State of mind, wipe clean water for as long as you can. If a little more cleaning easier cleaning, but to wipe clean with water.  

the central console  

central console requires the use of tools with clean rags, neutral detergent and water, prohibited cleans with a damp cloth. Regular contact with the central console, and hand off the grease is contaminated to a central console, so be sure to use a neutral detergent to wash clean.  

cleaning also prepares some cotton swabs, as are many shapes of the center console, usually some slit cannot be cleaned by hand, and cotton would have been handy. Clean the dashboard must use special cleaner and soft cloth, to avoid Eraser flower meter. Cleaning is needed if other, less notable sites: side grooves are often conveniently used as refuse chutes by hand, but with a hard sponge, dipped again thousands of cleaners to clean.


the seat belt is too dirty, dirty driver's clothes even when they use its function well.

cleaning without removing the seat belt should be scrubbing with light soapy water, then rinse. Don't tape immediately after washing should be dry in the shade. Note: use strong detergents, bleach and chemical cleaning agents should not be, nor does it allow the seat belt to the Sun.