Guandu district, Kunming "seven strokes" to resist severe drought

collect rainwater and underground seepage

faced with increasingly severe drought, Guandu district, a region-wide drought relief work will be held, on region-wide drought relief to mobilize, deploy, and then implemented. Requirements district level sector tie subdistrict offices mobilization masses, take all measures collection rain and underground seepage, ensure drought of mountain, and mid-levels residents group small cellar irrigation full, and active carried out drought self-help, by big Banqiao Street organization shipped water vehicles 7 car, composition sent water service team sent water into village, cumulative sent water 9400 tons; input big, and small drought mechanical equipment 2000 sets, dachun crop drought watering area up 9,600 acres, drought special electricity 60,000 degrees, and with oil 19 tons.

increase public consciousness of water saving

Guandu district, various departments with the subdistrict office, through villages such as publicity, promotional, hanging cloth form, increase drought relief advocacy efforts, to further increase public awareness of saving water. Meanwhile, actively organizing agricultural workers for the fields to guide farmers ' scientific management, scientific irrigation, improved agricultural management.

accelerating the construction of drought-resistant and water supply project

da ban Qiao Jie DAO mountain drinking water problems, and actively looking for new water sources, create conditions that organizations implement emergency water diversion projects, has completed satisfied, eight villages in 13 villages, such as diversion of groups. Implementation anti-drought emergency water supply project. Jin Zhongshan drill a deep well invested 1.2 million Yuan, and the construction of a 2.5 km of water pipelines; Yang Mei Jing Project, tangli slope pump station project is working to carry out preliminary work; in the absence of water sources village new construction of 200 small cellar, today nearly three years building small water cellars 524 to ensure drinking water safety. Implementation of niulanjiang hydrating sea and water diversion works along the village drinking water supply project. Because of niulanjiang, water diversion works to bridge street portion of sea village drinking, Guandu district, actively seeking funding, 5.15 million Yuan investment, a total of 10 villages along the implementation of drinking water supply project. Actively seeking funding to implement rabbit ears, Hua Jing, YURI, white Chinese 4 deep well drinking water project community and is expected to take about 5.5 million Yuan investment, implementation can be resolved after 4 community panel of 12 villagers 2399 8470 human drinking water issues.

scientific operation of city water supply

on existing library Tang of drinking water for Science scheduling, Guandu district, treasure as river reservoir now water only for 1.94 million cubic metres, according to city level unified scheduling, Yu November 17, 2011 enabled has mobile type take pump ship, currently treasure as river reservoir daily can to treasure as river factory water 1.2 to 15,000 cubic metres, deduction died capacity and evaporation, reservoir can for water only has 1 million cubic metres, is expected to up can maintained to February 2012 end of. By municipal and district water supply departments after working overtime, effectively promote the drought emergency project and construction, emergency project on January 24, finished ahead of Ling yuan village, new water qingshuihai water piped to the Po River treatment, daily average about 20,000 cubic metres, taking water and try to reach 40,000 cubic meters, ensure the safety of the East nanpianqu water supply.

implementation precipitation

due to the low rainfall this year, causing serious shortage of Bao River reservoir. Guandu district, and municipal and district meteorological conferences drew up at Po River Reservoir drainage area to carry out artificial precipitation operation programme of work, set up a leading group for artificial precipitation, arranging capital of 500,000 yuan building 1 fixed precipitation precipitation and 1 flow, strengthening the artificial precipitation.

restructuring, transfer of rural labor force

adjustment agricultural planting structure, agricultural irrigation water has guarantees of arable land, to planting economic value high of vegetables crop mainly; agricultural irrigation water lack of arable land, to planting barley, drought crop mainly; encourages various green seedlings company to big Banqiao street construction seedlings base, has construction various seedlings base more than 4,300 more than acres; increased returning also forest efforts, take to award generation fill of way encourages planting Walnut forest, has planting 6600 acres; carried out rural labor training and the transfer, has completed labor transfer 4156 people, To the 350 jobs at the new airport, labor skill training 4458.

to find out the water, develop water supply plans

field survey of existing water sources and water supply of Guandu district, balanced analysis to calculate water accounts, study and formulate programmes. First, the development of urban water supply schemes. Given the current lack of Bao River reservoir, with the municipal water Affairs Bureau, Kunming City tap water group based on field reconnaissance and research Ling yuan Cun an alternate water supply scheme was established. Second, developing Guandu industrial park water supply scheme. Du industrial park existing 3000 people, Enterprise daily needed production water 3,500 cubic metres, treasure as river factory water cannot meet Park water needs, research determine has enabled Kunming coking business gas factory original of two mouth alternate deep wells, installation tube diameter 250 mm of pipeline 2 km, daily pumping mention wells 3800 cubic metres for du industrial park, diversion pipeline and pumping electricity and the management fee by du industrial park is responsible for raised, this programme has made Kunming coking business gas factory agreed, investment about 800,000 yuan, duration 10 days. Tap water supply to normal, Shui Jingjiang closure as a backup water source. Third, in co-ordinating dabanqiao area water supply programmes, based on development of rural water supply measures. Da ban Qiao Street water Montagnard group "one village, one policy" to develop workable emergency support programme, Government added Guandu District 1 million Yuan Special Fund for drought resistance, is being organized by the programme implementation.

the next step in the Guandu district, will continue to pay close attention to the drought relief measures implemented, Tang and small, do everything possible to increase underground water storage, organizing drought relief service team, to search for new water sources, time-sharing in batches and bottled water into the village; accelerate drought emergency project construction, ensure drinking water safety, minimize the losses caused by the drought.